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Project Name

    IoT Solution for Smart Poultry Farm practice

Project Members

    • Project Investigator : Dr.Hena Ray
    • Project Lead  : Tarun Kanti Ghosh


    ICAR-Directorate of Poultry ResearchRajendra nagar, Hyderabad,Telangana, India

    • Dr. R. N. Chatterjee (Director-DPR)
    • Dr.A.Kannan(PI-DPR)
    • Dr.S.V.Rama Rao(Co-PI-DPR)


Globally, India is the 3rd largest egg producer and 5th largest chicken producer. Since 1950s, poultry farming in India has changed tremendously. Poultry farming in India is also a popular and profitable business owing to many reasons. One of the main ones is that it is not dependent on rain, sunshine, or other weather factors, unlike agriculture. Thus, minimum investment is required. It is now a full-fledged techno-commercial industry from being a backyard farming practice.Always, Since it is not dependent on weather and geographical conditions, there is always a promise of yield and returns. Furthermore, as profitability is not an issue, there is enormous potential to make poultry farms more intelligent and efficient.Till date, the machineries are manual, and so are the operations. This makes it difficult to control and maintain the required levels of the operating environment, often causing damage to the output.



The major objectives of this proposed development are:

•    Detection of a few vital poultry environment parameters that affect chicken health.
•    Acoustic analysis to monitor various parameters like incubation, thermal stress, health monitoring and growth prediction.
•    IoT based framework and Decision-support system for alert / alarm generation.



The perceived major outcomes of this proposed project are:
•    Poultry environment monitoring and control using IoT sensors to reduce environmental stress on poultry birds
•    Vocalization analysis and correlate it with bird growth, health and environment stress at PoC level.
•    IoT based Smart Poultry framework and Decision-support system for alert / alarm generation.